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Put your hands, put your hands up!

give you electricityy

Tea and Vee have a condition!
aishiteruyuto23 is home to 2 people. the first one being "T" and the second being "V".
T has given full permission to 'V' to do whatever the hell she wants with this LJ.
now, I (V), have decided to even edit the profile and page of this lj.
all the userpics have been changed to my interest.
i do not post here, just practice post, and most everything was posted by "T".
i hang out at omonatheydidnt, twitter & tumblr.

Gomen ne~ Na na na, THIS IS LOVE.

I love Hey!Say!JUMP.
I love KAT-TUN.
I love NEWS.
I love Tegomass.
I love Inoo, Ueda and Tego's gayness.
I love Takaki, Jin and Yamapi's hottness.
I love Yamada and Kame's sexiness.
I love Keito and Ryo's biceps.
I love Yabu and Junno's smiling eyes.
I love Daiki and Massu's smile.
I love Ryutaro and Chinen's overflowing cuteness.
I love Koyama and Maru together---hosting Shounen Club.
I love Hikaru, Koki and Shige's sense of humor.
But you know what I love the most?
I love everything about Yuto.♥
How to capture my heart.

Be a Johnny.
You have to be Japanese.
Or at least, look Japanese.
You're not Korean.
You have to be adorkable.
Be hott, sexy, gay and/or overly cute in every way.
You have to dance well.
You have to have nice arms.
Are you tall enough?
Someone who has a mole under his eye is really cute.
Hoarse voice is sexy.
You can be pre-pre-pretty.
Sing amazingly, dance gracefully and act awesomely.
Send me goosebumps when you perform on stage.
Be in tons of magazines every month.
Got any special talents?
Make me one of the people who don't care even though a lot of people hate you.
In other words, make me one of your disciples.
Make me one of the people who will never turn their backs on you.
Release a single/an album.
Make me sing along to your songs.
Use up the memory of my computer/iPod/phone.
Wipe out my money.
Make me feel that spending for you is worth it.
Give me tooooooooons of reasons why I love you.
Be like Yuto.♥
I just want you.

I love Yuto.
For sure, everyone knows that.
Yes, he's not perfect.
He's "too thin".
He doesn't have those nice arms of Keito's which I really like.
He's not a pretty boy like Inoo.
He's not as smart as Inoo.
He's not as popular as Yamada and Takaki.
He's not overly cute like Chinen.
His teeth aren't perfect.
But I do find it cute.
He may not be someone everyone loves.
But he's the one I love.
He has a lot of faults.
A lot of people are better than him in most, if not all, aspects.
But he's definitely number one.
My only one.♥

Trailer of Itsumademo Hibiku Kono Melody (my fanfic)

profile by: mirror_frosting

I like guys who play drums.

I'm a total fangirl. The type who hyperventilates over fan services like hip rolls and embarrassed smiles. Also the type who wants to sue anyone (celebrities) who lays a finger on my favorite JE artists (especially Nakajima Yuto). Although Nishiyama Maki, Toda Erika and Horikita Maki are exceptions. Teehee~! Anyway, I guess there's no need to explain how much of a fangirl I am. I mean, a fangirl is a fangirl. Fangirls understand each other, EXCLAMATION POINT! (^o^)

I hope you'll like your stay here~

profile by: mirror_frosting

The History of the Fangirl

Mari has been a fan of Ya-ya-yah a long time ago. She had a huge crush on Ayukawa Taiyo. She just couldn't get enough of this boy's seeming immaturity and "baka-ness". But, eventually, Korean and Taiwanese shows came along and she forgot all about the said boy-group-slash-show. So in love with those Taiwanese and Korean freaks, Mari got an amnesia and totally forgot that she was in love with JPOP and Ya-ya-yah and Taiyo. Many years passed and she's still this blind Korean/Taiwanese fangirl freak. Later on, one summer day of 2008, she was rummaging her room and saw her dusty Gokusen 2 DVD. And Mari hit her head and fell in love with Akanishi Jin. And that got her back to her long lost fandom. After watching 6 episodes of the said series, she fell in love with "Kizuna" and inevitably fell in love with the singer too, Kamenashi Kazuya. And her love just kept on flowing. She fell deeply in love with KAT-TUN. Getting her all crazy again. Weeks passed by so quickly and she started watching Cartoon KAT-TUN. Not so long after, Taguchi Junnosuke's smile stole her heart away from Kame. A week after, she heard a song called "Ultra Music Power" by Hey!Say!JUMP. She then got so curious by their seemingly childish voices and catchy song. She searched for its PV. And BOOM! She fell in love (at first sight) with Yamada Ryosuke, whom she googled so many times just to make sure it's his name (They're 10 in the group, for crying out loud!). She even celebrated his birthday because it was only days to go after she fell in love with him. And so, she started fangirling this now-15-year-old idol. After googling so much, she realized then that Yabu and Hikaru, members of her once-loved Ya-ya-yah, were also members of the debuted group Hey!Say!JUMP. Shocked, she wondered what happened to her childhood love and ultimate crush, Ayukawa Taiyo. CRASH! He already resigned. Mari cried in her sleep that night, wishing she shouldn't have left the fandom for some Taiwanese monkeys and Korean aliens. Now, she wouldn't be able to see her sunshine (Taiyo) anymore. Trying to forget her grief, she waited patiently for the "Dreams Come True" PV. When it finally came out, she fell so in love with Yamada again because of his new haircut and hair color. W-O-W! But then, she noticed a mature-looking boy...What was his name again? She knew that she saw that boy before. But she didn't care because Yamada was just so cute. There she goes, reading Yamada Ryosuke's Wikipedia information...lalalalalala...Nakajima Yuto...lalalalalala...Who? Wait. She read again. It said: "Best friend: Nakajima Yuto" Click! Oh. That's the mature-looking boy. Wait. She could swear she saw that boy before. But who cares? Then she started reading magazine interviews. "Yamada Ryosuke: scared of the dark" EH?! Damn. What a sissy! Then, she realized he wasn't her type after all. Just some pretty (sissy) boy. She read Yuto's magazine interview and, he wasn't a sissy. He was adventurous, romantic and...everything! Everything she likes in a guy! And eventually fell DEEPLY...and I meant DEEPLY...in love with Nakajima Yuto. It was May 23, 2008, night time approximately past 10PM. Happily ever after? She wishes.

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